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On the Horizon: What's Next for Psychedelics?

As the drug development/clinical psych craze is well underway, what's next for the business of psychedelics?

Dawn's early light will be filled with psychedelic tourism, retreats and resorts, psychedelic coaching.

We'll also see a proliferation of psychedelics wellness stuff like chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, Ayurveda, and TCM.

Queue the multiplicity of modalities, each of which has its own little following, some of which reach cult status, a handful of which make a mark on the world.

Then there are the nonprofits that are dedicated to drug policy reform, prison abolition, and guerrilla entrepreneurism. In fact, some of the most promising stuff on the horizon is in the realm of social justice, nearly divorced from psychedelics in a literal sense.

Nonprofit organizations in the space have a chance now to fulfill their mission, and some nonprofits are built on the principle of systems change.

Psychedelics show remarkable promise for changing organizational culture and leadership styles. A few cool psychedelics firms have forayed into the corporate realm already or were born there to begin with, such as Third Wave and Tripp. The latter makes tech tools and toys for transformation, and we expect to see more of that in the future. Third Wave is setting the stage for education and community.

Nonprofits are also paving the way for organizational culture change in the military and police. We can reduce the number of lives lost to suicide, depression, and PTSD. We can also reduce the number of police misconduct incidents via organizational culture change.

Mental health debilitates people and prevents us all from reaching our highest potential. The opioid crisis is a symptom of broader problems, and so too is gun violence in America. These are also problems many nonprofits remain committed to, even when they are peripheral to psychedelics.

We may also witness advancements in the instrumentation used in the physics of consciousness, and this is what we hope for most when dawn breaks. To advance neuroscience and cognitive science research so that we finally level up once and for all--that is our mission and we're sticking to it!

To find out more about what's going on in the space, send us an email!

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