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Alleviating suffering by solving the hard problem of consciousness in our lifetime.

A wise world in which work and play have become deeply entwined, liberating us to solve the mysteries of the universe.



  1. Compassion/Forgiveness

  2. Fun/Playfulness

  3. Curiosity/Inquisitiveness

  4. Persistence/Determination

  5. Humour/Paradox

  6. Truth/Beauty

  7. Openness/Willingness

  8. Freedom/Liberation

  9. Joy/Bliss

What we do

We help individuals and organizations dedicated to radical systems changes with:

  • Strategic planning

  • Multidisciplinary research services, reports, white papers

  • Metafund creation and CSR

Lucid Humanity comprises a set of initiatives that form a tikun olam, a blueprint to change the world.


We are dedicated to radical systems changes based on the conviction that we are going to solve the hard problem of consciousness in our lifetime. 

What Do Psychedelics Have to Do With It?


Psychedelics change the ways individuals think and act.

Therefore, psychedelics change the way groups think and act.


We believe psychedelic-assisted interventions are one key to unlocking human potential.


We help you develop psychedelic-assisted interventions tailored to the needs of your organization, including leveraging the power of mindfulness for social justice and equity. With systematic reviews of the literature on psychedelics, mindfulness, and compassion training, we provide custom-designed interventions for your organization.


Psychedelic-assisted interventions can be employed for team-building, empathy and equity, next-level CSR, creativity and innovation, and more.

About the Founder

Sunshine's academic background is in the study of consciousness.

She roamed the seven seas as a digital nomad, working as a freelance ghostwriter. 

After 20 years writing reports for clients in healthcare, education, social work, the arts, the military, energy, and tech sectors, Sunshine Kessler started Lucid Humanity to serve individuals and organizations committed to radical systems changes.

Sunshine was born and raised in Miami.

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