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2022 In Review

Psychedelic stocks performed poorly this year.

Significant progress has been made with conventional clinical trials and promising policy reforms in North America but the industry has become increasingly fragmented, if not polarized. We eschewed the Wonderland conference even though I was in Miami.

We did attend the TSC conference in Tucson in April, meeting Deepak Chopra, Christof Koch, Stuart Hameroff, David Chalmers, Susan Blackmore, Paul Davies, and Edward Sheehan.

Thanks to the connections made in Tucson, I got invited to a Santo Daime ceremony in May.

In June we attended the first Mind and Matter Conference in Helsinki, led by Paavo Pylkkänen

The conference was a super opportunity to cross off some bucket list travel as well, including Tallinn, Stockholm, and Lapland over midsummer. Flew to Inari at the 69th parallel and spent 3 wonderful nights there.

This photo was taken after going hiking at 1AM

I also visited Austin for the first time, celebrating July 4 with friends.

For my birthday in July, my mom took me to Greenland, with three stops on the world’s largest island including the charming capital Nuuk. For the second time, I found myself spending my July 11 birthday in Iceland. Only on this trip I did some new adventures including a trek inside a glacier. I also got some new tattoos from an on-board artist, getting inked on a boat anchored in an ice floe off Greenland.

remote Greenland

I managed to get back on track with daily yoga and meditation, ending the year feeling pretty good.

My latest obsession is with Michael Levin’s work on morphogenesis and bioelectricity, and I was thrilled to find out that Levin will be one of the speakers at the 2023 TSC conference, held in Sicily. I still remain enamored with the Orch-OR theory and Hoffman’s theory, and am even discovering points of convergence among the three.

This year we released two eBooks, available at no charge. We’ve been developing some coursework on creativity and altered states of consciousness, intending to roll that out over the upcoming year.

It hasn’t been a great year but nor has it been a bad one. Hopefully, we can make more progress in 2023.

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