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Changing What It Means to Be Human: Radical Systems Changes

We need transformational leaders, servant leaders, and visionaries catalyzing systems changes.

The following organizations offer leadership training in one way or another. Some, like Acumen Global, Inspiring Purpose, Kiva, and Venture Lab, focus on guerrilla entrepreneurism and/or capitalist wealth redistribution: inspiring those with little to no start-up capital, including youth, to pursue business ventures.

MindValley, Singularity University, and other organizations provide global coaching platforms for personal and collective development.

The coaching industry has begun to resemble a pyramid scheme when you are encouraged to buy into yet another program in order to sell your own coaching program, ad nauseam. Nevertheless, coaching can and does inspire systems changes. Coaches stimulate systems changes by inspiring clients to liberate themselves from legacy systems like exploitative capitalism.

Enjoy the following list and let us know if you have worked with any of the following.

Acumen Global

Dubai-based leadership training programs.

Mission: "To develop bespoke training modules for professional and personal development, through adaptive and innovative research in an ever-changing environment."

Alan Briskin

Systems change coaching.

"On a 1-1 basis I work with leaders to cultivate a stance of attention that uses their own experience and imagination joined with a sophisticated understanding of the system they are operating in. On a group basis, I convene or facilitate work teams bridging reflection and inquiry with effective execution."

Anita Sanchez

Systems change coaching with indigenous grounding.

"If Anita ruled the world, she would rejoice in the fact that everyone understands in their hearts and minds that we are all precious relations. Whatever we do to the earth – we do to people and spirit. Whatever we do to the people – we do to the spirit and earth. Whatever we do to the spirit – we do to the earth and the people!"

Center for Evolutionary Leadership

Systems change coaching organization.

"Our philosophy is that a human evolution toward just, democratic, sustainable, flourishing organizations, institutions, and societies is within our choice, and can be produced by effective leaders, evolutionary leaders, their organizations, and citizens at all levels of society cultivating solidarity and working collaboratively for a common purpose."

Edgewalkers International

Systems change coaching.

"Edgewalkers are those who are on the cutting edge of human evolution and who are committed to making a positive difference in the world. They use all of their human potential and integrate their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual energy in service to something greater than themselves. It can be lonely being out on the edge, and people often think you are crazy, but you have learned to trust your inner guidance. We are committed to building a community of Edgewalkers and providing support, encouragement and resources to those who walk on the leading edge."

Flow Genome Project

Neurohacking and play can stimulate microcosmic and mesocosmic systems change.

"We share best practices from optimal psychology, neuroscience and experiential leadership––taught in dynamic learning environments that are challenging, fun, and transformational."

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

Offers grant money and success support for initiatives in four key areas: environmental conservation, scientific research, higher education and the San Francisco Bay Area

"We want the Foundation to tackle large, important issues at a scale where it can achieve significant and measurable impacts. The Foundation’s ability to take risks and make long-term and relatively large commitments should allow it to undertake challenges not accessible to many other organizations. We seek durable change, not simply delaying consequences for a short time."


Leveraging breakthroughs in the science of consciousness to transform the human experience with noetic leadership.

"At the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), we are inspired by the power of science to explain phenomena not previously understood, harnessing the best of the rational mind to make advances that further our knowledge and enhance our human experience."


Coaching for individuals and organizations.

"Innerland lives to bring people together. We create communities around the world interested in a deeper, next level of connection through Self discovery"

Inspired Action at Work

Meso-level services for HRM

"Creating a culture where leaders and stakeholders have a valuable sense of belonging, unparalleled camaraderie, feel understood and respected, and have genuine care, concern and appreciation for themselves and others."