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Hubs and Nodes: The Network Systems Model

Lucid Humanity was originally conceived using network systems modeling to envision scalable futures. In this article, I'll explain a little about what that means.

Network systems are decentralized, first and foremost. This represents a major shift in the way we do business, but it is becoming a trend that will eventually become predominant not just in the private sector but elsewhere as well.

Decentralized ownership of resources is a good idea, most people would agree.

Decentralized power works the same way.

It's a model based on trust, shared values and goals.

The idea is to start with a few hubs in the Lucid Humanity network, starting with the flagship location in Kelowna, BC. From there we will take the operation to our first urban outpost in Miami, to show how scaling down can be just as lucrative and effective as upsizing the project. I hope to open a Lucid Humanity Consciousness Lab in India soon as well. Quite a lot of consciousness research takes place there, and I'm not just talking about yoga ashrams but about hard science. I'm really looking forward to helping this project unfold. Hope to see you soon!

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