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Chrissy Teen HOT!

There's one thing that will always remain true: High school is a weird time. Whether it's braces or bad fashion, most of us go through some awkwardness. Unsurprising, Chrissy Teigen as a teenager is not at all awkward. The supermodel, de facto Twitter comedian, and fashion icon was not like most of us. She was a unicorn child. Allow me to explain.

chrissy teen


This weekend, Texas teen Karlie Hay was crowned Miss Teen USA (opens in new tab) at the annual pageant in Las Vegas. Before Hay officially took home the crown, the contestants were narrowed down five finalists, including Miss North Carolina Emily Wakeman, Miss South Carolina Marley Stokes, Miss Alabama Erin Snow, and Miss Nevada Carissa Morrow.

\"It's spring break,\" Steltz recounted. \"We're all, you know, doing what teenagers shouldn't be, you know, drinking. And I went into the back room and offered them orange juice, and I saw one of my friends with the shotgun.

Many of Teigen's replies to Stodden's tweets were mocking and cruel, asking whether the teen, who'd become famous for marrying 50-year-old acting coach Doug Hutchinson with parental consent, did drugs or had a family. But at times, Teigen went to an even darker place, wishing Stodden dead.

While we may never know why Teigen, an adult at the time, was once comfortable with such verbal attacks, they may be more widespread among adolescents than expected. Dr. Julie Cerel, a clinical psychologist and director of the Suicide Prevention and Exposure Lab at the University of Kentucky, said that teens telling a peer to die or kill themselves is often a factor in cases where a young person has been bullied and attempts suicide.

But it should be no surprise that even casual comments directing someone to take their life can help convince some victims that they should. In one high-profile case, a teen who repeatedly encouraged her boyfriend to attempt suicide was found guilty of manslaughter when he took his own life.

Though Stodden publicly accepted Teigen's apology, it's worth asking what Teigen owes the public. She may be eager to let this controversy pass. She may hope that admitting regret and acknowledging that she's working to become a better person over time will elicit the empathy and understanding required to move forward, not to mention save her partnerships with companies like Target and PayPal. Of course, we all make mistakes, but telling a teenager to die is a grave betrayal of one's own humanity and theirs, too.

Farrah is now focusing on her daughter, Sophia, instead of the drama. However, she was called out in June for using her daughter for promotional ads on social media. In an Instagram Story, Sophia posted a photo of herself with what looked to be a joint but actually turned out to be a pregnancy test. This led to backlash among fans, who didn't agree with the use of Farrah's pre-teen daughter to promote pregnancy tests. Whatever your stance is on Farrah's many controversies, it's undeniable that she knows how to stay in the public eye.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The quick action of one teenager is credited for saving the life of another who was attacked with a knife while trying to exit a light rail train Monday night in St. Paul.

"I was just helping this woman, she wanted a few ices, and she was asking me so many questions," said the Hawthorne teen. "All of a sudden, a big man walked in, and John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were behind him. I was in awe. They just came walking in and I started dropping all the pens on the register. I was stuttering, I was just staring." 041b061a72


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