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The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence---Nikola Tesla

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Lucid Humanity is a tikun olam, a blueprint for changing the world.

We started as a non-profit called MykoNet in 2020 as an initiative for stimulating the Canadian labour market via drug policy reform.

Our visions for global systems changes sparked a wildfire of ideas evolving into Lucid Humanity.

One of the primary missions of LuHu is to take psychedelics beyond the domain of clinical psychology.

In the 1960s, Stan Grof said, "Psychedelics are to psychiatry what the telescope was to astronomy or the microscope was to biology."

We believe psychedelics can go beyond mental health care and be considered instruments, tools for science, and may even lead to significant breakthroughs in cognitive neuroscience and the physics of consciousness.

Two, Lucid Humanity offers pilot projects for sustainable community design inspired by permaculture, places like Auroville, and innovative design organizations like MASS.

We foresee radical changes in human society post-pandemic, with an emphasis on smaller community empowerment and self-governance.

Three, we present the world's first psychedelic entertainment company, Psychotainment.

The goal with Psychotainment in its ideation stage is to partner with artist, neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, AI engineers, and anyone interested in futurist tech toys and tools for research, recovery, and recreation. We aim to provide the world with sustainable and scalable model for adult playgrounds and hang spaces utilizing existing or underused property.

Fourth, we want to replace charity with capitalism with a system for guerrilla entrepreneurism. Introducing How You Win.

The intent with How You Win is to stimulate radical entrepreneurism. We propose partnerships with co-working spaces to offer digital and live coaching, and also to facilitate the digital nomad lifestyle and/or the gig economy.

Read more about some of our big picture visions here.

The Indigenous Okanagan people of British Columbia will inherit whatever comes from a flagship LuHu location located here to start the spread of memetic mycelia worldwide.

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