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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Why it's Lucid

Lately I've been hanging around Clubhouse. And if you're not already on Clubhouse and have the interest in it, I've got a few spare invites to share with ya!

So lots of rooms are talking cryptocurrency and other things related to decentralized finance, which all of us are seeing as the wave of the future (is this what they mean by Game B? Not 100% sure about what the Game A/B refers to, but it seems like Game B is realistic if nothing else?)

Anyway, moving forward and seeing as there's interest in Lucid Humanity but traditional modes of raising capital are a little tight right now, or just hesitant to invest in something that won't bring returns in for years,

I'm interested in seeing whether it's going to be possible to open the system/platform/concept out to "the community." And from there, create a sort of micro-economy in which we barter our services with one another until such a time comes that we need to broaden our scope to the classic market economy.

Does that make any sense? I hope so, because I'm anxious to get the party started. There's also the option of tokenizing the company.

Living in Kelowna is lovely and all but I'm here for a purpose and that purpose can't be fulfilled without people. Who's in?

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