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What Does it Mean to Be a Hero?

On Veterans Day (Remembrance Day in Canada) we set aside time to honor servicemen and women. We should continually be mindful of military personnel and and veterans.

PTSD, suicide, substance abuse, depression, and other problems remain highly prevalent among veterans.

The current mental health model and the VA are failing to address these issues effectively.

One particularly hard-hit subset of the veterans community are those who transition to law enforcement work.

With some similarities in organizational culture, military and law enforcement organizations do not yet have systems in place to maximize quality of care.

Red tape, stigma, and accessibility of services are some of the issues that constrain veterans and law enforcement personnel. The results of ineffective mental health care can be disastrous to individuals and communities.

Psychedelics do seem to have unique properties that can provide a foundation for healing. In fact, psychedelics have been shown to be effective particularly for treating PTSD, depression, substance abuse, and other problems that disproportionately affect veterans and first responders.

Psychedelics are a non-partisan/bi-partisan means of initiating systems changes in mental health care.

Texas HB1802 is a landmark piece of state legislation opening legal pathways for psychedelic-assisted therapies. Other states will soon follow suit!

To help push policy forward while saving and improving lives, we are proud to announce our first pilot project!

We will be partnering with other organizations in the space on a pilot project working specifically with veterans transitioning to law enforcement careers.

Some of the organizations that are active in helping veterans gain access to cutting-edge therapeutic interventions include the following:

Field Trip's BaseCamp

Reach out if you want to help us help our heroes!

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