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The Fingerprints of Identical Twins...

...and other clues.

Identical twins have different fingerprints.

They share the same DNA but they have different fingerprints.

Think about that for a second and we'll return to it more in depth later. First, I want to go on the record with a few things.

It is my opinion on the debate on whether COVID-19 leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan or not...that the debate is not just mute, it's a distraction. It might not be a real red herring, but close.

It's like with climate change, it matters more how to respond to a crisis than to what caused it. But people are getting caught up in blame. We can do history later, after the danger has passed.

I also want to go formally on the record stating that the situation points to a high degree of likelihood that our DNA is being overwritten and that we are witnessing an evolutionary leap in the making.

You can refer to my brief post about the significance of RNA viruses in human biological evolution.

An RNA virus led to the evolution of placenta and live birth, which means that an RNA virus is already credited with a major evolutionary leap.

I believe that the coronavirus, which is an RNA virus, is actually recoding our DNA in the same way. And it would also make sense that the first signs of such would take place not in the genome but in the epigenetic tags...

...returning to the thoughts on the fingerprints of identical twins: I believe that it would be fruitful to calculate the equation of the whorl. And by studying the mathematical difference between the whorls of identical twins, we may be led to new research questions in the area of genetics and especially epigenetics.

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