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Placenta, virus, what?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The coronavirus is changing who we are individually and as a species. COVID catalyzed systems changes. It is changing what it means to be human.

Viruses are not necessarily evil menaces, either.

Placenta was an important evolutionary step allowing for internal gestation and live birth, as opposed to eggs. One of the main things distinguishing mammals from other creatures, placenta evolved after a virus infected our DNA and replicated.

Some moms might wish they could have just laid a few eggs, but alas those days are long gone.

Oh by the way, Mother's Day is coming up.

So placenta, huh.

Placenta allowed packs of animals to migrate. We didn't have to fawn over a clump of eggs. We were free thanks to the virus.

Isn't it weird placenta evolved from a virus?

It was a retrovirus that goes in and alters the DNA of the species because it is made of RNA.

Guess what else is an RNA virus?

Yeah, you got it, our buddy Rona.

See where I'm going with this? RNA virus, placenta, evolution...hey!

I think Coronavirus is changing our DNA to initiate a major evolutionary step. Yup.

I think it might work because the virus carries encoded information. I also think that the information can be encoded while avoiding pesky spacetime, using vibrations or some such. Just maybe we are being recoded by benevolent extraterrestrials--or possibly our future selves!

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