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Designing the Future

A 60 Minutes segment on the MASS design group encouraged me to write this brief post about the Lucid Humanity vision for global systems changes.

Interviewed for 60 Minutes, one of the founders of the nonprofit architectural and design firm MASS is also a systems thinker. Systems thinking involves going to first principles, such as using local materials like lava when constructing an edifice. Systems thinking often involves creating or stimulating local economies.

This way, we encourage entrepreneurism, we stimulate creativity and innovation, and we empower people instead of perpetuating unhealthy dependencies and exploitative relationships. It also involves empowering people with new skill sets and new information, while also anchoring them into their communities--thereby preventing brain drain.

We aim to work with organizations like MASS and other sustainable development and design groups. The Lucid Humanity vision involves intentional community design as well as the creation of smart systems, smart cities, and smart public and private spaces for Humanity 2.0.

Interested? Let's connect! Reach out to me at and sign up for Lucid Humanity alerts.

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