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Breakthrough leadership and coaching

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

A substantial body of research supports the use of psychedelics for leadership training, organizational culture change, team building, conflict resolution, innovation, and more.

Business beyond the ordinary

Coaches and trainers interested in going beyond industry standards might want to consider offering clients psychedelic-assisted interventions.

Even if psychedelics are not yet legal where you practice, you can start talking with your clients about how psychedelic-assisted interventions can help them achieve measurable results.

If you start learning about psychedelic-assisted coaching now, you'll remain ahead of the curve.

Capitalist wealth redistribution

  • Free content layer provided by coaches just like you

  • Your clients opt into How You Win to become global benefactors

  • Bypass the problems associated with traditional CSR and philanthropy

The How You Win component of Lucid Humanity isn't just about psychedelics. It's about empowering entrepreneurs around the world--especially those least likely to access standard coaching content.

How You Win

When we all give a little, we each get a lot.

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