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AI, Psychedelics, and the Future of Pharma

An already comfortable convergence between futurists and psychonauts gains traction in the artificial intelligence processes used for drug discovery.

Novel compounds present crucial profit opportunities, according to Suran Goonatilake of April 19, an AI company focusing on drug discovery.

At this year's Wonderland conference, Goonatilake spoke about AlphaShulgin, one of his company's most promising AI for psychedelic drug discovery. Using AI with inputs related to basic brain chemistry, AlphaShulgin ended up "rediscovering" many of the compounds Sasha Shulgin found in the lab!

Another promising new venture in the space of AI-driven psychedelic drug discovery is Wake.

Wake's spokesperson was Olga Chernoloz. The goal of Wake is to advance precision medicine, which would enable custom designed molecules instead of off-the-rack ones that might be hit-or-miss in terms of their efficacy. Wake also has a pretty cool mushroom cultivation business going on in Jamaica with clinics as well, run under the auspices of the Jamaican government.

Several other companies are starting to use AI for the express purposes of drug discovery and precision medicine, but this is a new domain with plenty of potential for investment, opportunity, and future growth.

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