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Mine spoils are an important driver of environmental damage and land degradation, causing the disappearance of soil and vegetation; increases in erosion by wind and water; pollution of air, soil, and water; and general deterioration of the landscape (Mukaro, Nyakudya & Jimu, 2017). Coal mining will result in different degrees of surface damage and deformation, causing ground fissures (Yang et al., 2018; Zhang et al., 2015). Ground fissures have no obvious frame structure. The numbers of fissures, fissure blocks, and nodes are relatively small. The depths of the fissures are also different. Ground fissures have relatively strong spatial variability yet clear self-similarity (Díaz-Fernández, Álvarez-Fernández & Álvarez-Vigil, 2010; Li et al., 2018). These factors lead to different preferential flows (Guo et al., 2018). Cheng (2016) determined that the preferential flow of fissures was a direct factor in the change in the soil environment in a mining area and a driving factor of soil erosion in a mining area, and soil crevice preferential flow provides a preferential path for water to transport soil particles from the surface layer to the deep layer, and crevices with soil particles filled will become long-term preferential flow paths. Yan et al. (2018) carried out a study on ammonia concentration and particle size change in soil during the rainfall-runoff process and found that ground fissures with uneven settlement not only changed the surface topographic gradient and soil structure significantly but also aggravated the transport intensity of nutrients and particles in soil with runoff in the horizontal direction. Moreover, the authors determined that the soil cracks produced by surface subsidence formed a series of groundwater preferential flow paths and promote nutrient transport towards a deeper layer. Ground fissure preferential flow was the important driving factor for soil erosion. The subsidence area without any vegetation in Shenfu-Dongsheng coalfield has been taken as research area. Two test points were set in a 50 m 50 m testing area, then 4 g/L bright-blue solution was used to dye it, and images were taken in 1 horizontal and 5 vertical sections, and the characteristic of preferential flow in the soil cracks of a coal mining subsidence area (Guo et al., 2018). In addition, soil cracks accelerate water infiltration into deep soil along cracks, reduce soil shear strength, raise groundwater levels, and induce natural disasters such as landslides and debris flows (Krzeminska et al., 2012; Kukemilks et al., 2017; Ma, 2017; Woerden, 2014). Reclaimed mine soil is an important manifestation of land degradation, which is caused by vegetation degradation, pressure station land and serious soil erosion. Therefore, understanding the land degradation response to preferential flow is essential.

Spatial Manager For Autocad Crack 161l



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