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My Lord! What an outpouring of grief, anger, compassion, love, judgement, ignorance, self-righteousness & faith (most in God; some in self)! Some of these expressions of faith (in God through Jesus Christ) have been so helpful & encouraging to my wounded spirit. Some of the expressions or judgement & self-righteousness have been just heart-rendering in their ignorance. But, Momma always said the best thing about ignorance is that it's curable (PP, if you're reading this, you may have a clue who I am, cause I made the same comment in an email to you a few years back). My sincere & heart-felt prayers go out to Pastor Paul, Meredith, Alicia & Aaron, as well as my ALCF church family and each & every person who has been touched by the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as shared by Paul Sheppard. This "moral-failure"/resignation has impacted me on many levels, but none so powerful as the affect on my prayer life. I stand so convicted that neither I or the Church can afford our namby-pamby prayers of the past. We really have to pray like we mean it to contend & intercede on behalf of our leaders, ourselves, our families, our church family, our communities, our government & the world at large. Spiritual warfare is real, strong & unrelenting & our prayer life MUST respond in kind. I don't know the details of the future, but I know this: God wins in the end! I trust that The Lord is not through with Paul Sheppard in furthering God's Will being done on this earth as it is heaven. After Biblical restoration is completed, my hope & prayer is that Pastor Paul will be restored to the ALCF ministry as a wonderfully human example of what God can & will do with broken & cracked vessels such as Pastor Paul, myself & everyone reading this post, to name a few. To God, and God alone, be the Glory!


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