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Become a Resourceful Lord and Lead Your Troops into Glory in Infinity Kingdom

In this tutorial, we will see how to download and play Infinity Kingdom on PC or Mac. To do this, you will need to install an Android emulator on your computer to simulate a smartphone. We recommend using BlueStacks which is currently the most secure and best performing emulator on the market. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows 10 and 7 as well as with MacOS. Note that you can also play all your other mobile games with this software!Download Infinity Kingdom on PC

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Download File:

As I said above, we will have to use an emulator to simulate the Android environment on your computer. To do this, go to this download page and click on "Play on BlueStacks 5" to download the emulator with the game Infinite Kingdom on your PC.

Whether you're on Windows 10 or macOS, downloading Infinity Kingdom is the same. On the emulator, search the Play Store tab to find the game. Simply click on "Install" (as on Android).

Infinity Kingdom is a multiplayer strategy game with a cartoon style. Your mission, my lord, if you accept it, is to gather the largest army while training your Immortals (heroes) and dragons to leave with your alliance to conquer new territories. You can only join one of the alliances located in one of the 3 kingdoms of this world: Ruslan, Ydvia and Vitas.

Battles are built in the spirit of a good RTS, medium-sized armies face each other using terrain and defensive structures. There are heroes with special abilities, the hero can have several of them, depending on the level of the player. There is social functionality in the form of alliances and different ratings. At the start the player will be offered to join one of the three kingdoms, and during the game you can join the alliances of the selected kingdom only.

Infinity Kingdom is a colorful and exciting multiplayer strategy that reveals the history of ancient fairy kingdoms to the participant. There is a fierce confrontation with the evil dwarfs, who managed to break through the defenses and capture part of the territories. Enemies advance from the north and turn majestic cities into ruins. To stop them, you need to lead one of the three states, gather a strong army and join the battle. In the strategy, the player is waiting for exciting adventures, epic battles and varied gameplay.

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