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For those who are naive and think that this happens only in third world countries think again, this kind of treatment happens everywhere even in the United State. Has anyone seen the garment district in New York, pack in to a room sewing from morning to night. Diamond mines in South Africa, the owners rake in billions of dollars, the people who are doing the dirty work are a small step above a slave.

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I work with ships, and had one case of a formal Taiwan based shipowner whose crew abandoned ship during a fire. When investigated, the Master and Chief Engineer had disappeared. their bodies were nowhere on the ship, but all the crew had escaped. It turns out the crew were mainland Chinese, mountain dwelling villagers that had never seen the sea. They signed on for 1, 2 or 3 years, at about $144 a month, working about 18 hrs a day, with only 2 meals. 7 days a week, for 52 weeks out of the year. They could not communicate with home, sign off, or even go ashore on the rare occasions when the fisherman docked for repairs. Re-fueling, re-stocking with provisions, and fish discharge was all done at sea. They were awakened by a buzzer, made to work by a buzzer, stopped for meals by a buzzer, and went to sleep, again with a buzzer. They didn't even know the name of the Captain, only his generic nickname (sort of like "Chief" in English).

. . .While Slavery is known as the "worst condition" of man, there is a "FAR-WORSE-CONDITION ." The "FAR-WORSE-CONDITION" is that the "SLAVE" does not know he is a "SLAVE." Such a "SLAVE" will never escape his "SLAVERY" as he does not know he is a "SLAVE.". . .Marx was concerned about "WAGE SLAVERY." Lincoln was concerned about "CHATTEL SLAVERY.". . .They wrote letters to each other about these issues.. . . People cursed both Lincoln and Marx over the issues of "SLAVERY." Lincoln was murdered over the issue of his war against "CHATTEL SLAVERY.". . .Here in the United States, laws have been passed identifying Marx's concerned about "WAGE SLAVERY" as "COMMUNISM." Marx has been so much vilified as an "EVEIL DOER" because of his concerns about "WAGE SLAVERY" that the U.S. Congress has passed laws identifying Marx's concerns about "WAGE SLAVERY" as Communism, which the Republicans say is a threat to the "AMERICAN WAY.". . .People who are fanatically "RELIGIOUS" and / or "POLITICAL" are "SLAVES" to their ideals and therefore fall into the classification of the "SLAVE" does not know he is a "SLAVE.". . .Into what classification do the Republicans and Democrats fall on the questions of "WAGE SLAVERY" ?

I asked the coach about how his players are doing with their studies and he talked for several minutes about how his players do well and excel in the classroom. Paine highly stresses education as part of his coaching strategy and the players are responding with good grades. The coach also stresses the fact that the players are students first and that their education is most important while at Assumption High.

Paine stated that his players play well collectively and have a passion for the game. The players want to perform well and put as much effort as they can into their football as well as the classroom. The players prefer to view themselves as a unit and feed off of each other in the good and bad times.

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