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Dark Raider Mod APK: How to Get Free Money and Unlock All Levels

Description : Dark Raider is an excellent action game from well-known developers with a retro graphic style that these developers are not familiar with, exciting battles, RPG elements and a very well-developed plot background for all gameplay events. Heroes and other personalities who do not want to disappear into the abyss of the end of the world must be as productive as possible to clear the dungeons and other places from the demons and monsters that have settled there. A win is another quiet day. Fortunately, there is no problem in the fantasy world with where to find the next target for elimination. The players just have to fight and win. And also be prepared for the deterioration in working conditions. Features : * Multiple characters available, you can always find one that suits you. * Hardcore action fight, you can use different combos to defeat the enemies. * You get stronger with each run and there are more than 17 different runes to collect * Epic boss fight, 23 different bosses are waiting for your challenge. * Unique art style that creates a great dungeon with dark themes.

dark raider mod apk

Dark Raider is a PC Indie Game which is now also available on Android. The amazing Retro Style graphics in full action gameplay including lots of enemies and boss battles. Dark Heroes fighting in the dark to save the mankind. Amazing gameplay will remind you of some of the best action hack and slash Android games.

Story of Dark Raider is quite amazing and simple. The world you have known is now acquired by the dark evils. The apocalypse has arrived. The gods has given a chance to defeat evils. The door has opened and all you have got to do is destroy enemies. You have a last chance to prove your worth by defeating every dungeon and its evils.

Dark Raider In the world of Illisa the end had come, but the gods give a last chance to save everyone. Opened the dark dungeon and the hope has returned. Conquered every dungeon will keep 1 day of the existence of the world. So, you have to fight in dark dungeons and the labyrinth in order to save everyone. The game has no identical cards, all of them are generated randomly. To go through a pre-recorded script will not work. In the process of passing will be unlocked a few heroes: warrior, mage and barbarian. Warrior is very fast and deals a lightning-fast, devastating attacks. He's the best choice for clever enemies. The magician focuses on the explosive magic damage, but the hero is very vulnerable. The barbarian is incredibly surviving, has a high level of protection and much more health. But he has slow attack. Boevka very dynamic, different enemies and epic battle with 23 different bosses will not make you bored.

The game opens in the fantasy world of Ylkis. Over centuries, a prophecy of an apocalypse has been passed down this world. People in every nation know that the end of the world is near, but they remain prepared to face the wrath of the gods. The Ylkis kingdoms were in complete disarray as residents panicked and riots broke out continuously. Despite the fact that the gods seem unbeatable, they still provide a glimmer of hope. In fact, they still help small creatures pursue it. From the darkest recesses of the soul, hope for survival is born. The gods bring this beacon of light into the world when they open a dungeon's door. Every time the Ylkis world claims a new dungeon, one day is added to its lifespan. As a hero of the Ylkis world , can you defeat your foes and save your world from destruction?

This is a dungeon-themed game that utilizes a dark background color. Its classic pixel graphics and minimal modern effects make the battle more appealing to the eye. The game has long-standing fans; it offers them both nostalgic and new experiences.


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