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HWID Changer V1.9 [PC] Setup Free __TOP__

this install tool requires admin rights to install and all files except for the operating system files and the inline 6 pc driver, are saved in the root of the temporary drive (which is c: by default).

HWID Changer v1.9 [PC] setup free

* hwid gen is the only activation tool which is able to brute force the encrypted variables stored on the hard drives of the computers. as a result of this testing, hwidgen was able to identify the guilty computers and by using the provided ip address to identify the actual ip address of the hardware, allowed the software to initiate activation with the local network. this is of course, after removing the inline 6 pc driver to ensure user did not make any changes.

the tool is also able to reconfigure the ip addresses of the hardware and to temporary change the serial number of the hardware (which is stored by the windows driver). again, these are much too powerful capabilities to be used for just activation, we use it to change these for testing and don't recommend using it on a regular basis.

here we see the actual serial number reported by the hard drive and the actual hwid. as you can see the actual serial number reported by the hard drive contains the secret hwid. the original serial number and the one in the registry as reported by the registry are equal.

this means that when hwidgen (which is able to spoof the serial numbers of the hard drives without the need of antivirus software activated) was used to set a new serial number (on the hard drive, not just in the registry), hwidgen did not change the actual hardware serial number (hwid). the


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