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Internet Chess Killer 1.71: The Ultimate Chess Program for Online Players

Internet Chess Killer 1.71: A Powerful Chess Program for Online Players

If you are a chess enthusiast who likes to play online, you may have heard of Internet Chess Killer 1.71, a chess program that can help you improve your skills and dominate the chess servers. Internet Chess Killer 1.71 is a program that can automatically use a computer chess engine to analyze the board and suggest the best moves for you.

internet chess killer 1.71 chess program.rar

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Internet Chess Killer 1.71 is not a cheating tool, but a learning tool that can help you understand the game better and develop your own style. You can use it to practice against strong opponents, test different openings and strategies, and learn from your mistakes. You can also use it to have fun and challenge yourself with different levels of difficulty.

In this article, we will show you how to download, install, and use Internet Chess Killer 1.71, as well as some of its features and benefits. We will also give you some tips on how to avoid common problems and how to support the developer of this amazing program.

How to Download Internet Chess Killer 1.71

The first thing you need to do is to download Internet Chess Killer 1.71 from a reliable source. You can find it on GitHub, where the developer has uploaded the source code and the executable file of the program. You can also find it on various websites that offer game programs and cracks.

The file size is about 4 MB, so it should be easy to download. The file name is internet chess killer 1.71 chess program.rar, which means it is compressed in a RAR format. You will need a program like WinRar or 7-Zip to extract it.

How to Install Internet Chess Killer 1.71

Once you have downloaded Internet Chess Killer 1.71, you need to extract it to your preferred location with WinRar or 7-Zip. You will get a folder with several files and subfolders, such as bin, fruit, log, README.TXT, internetchesskiller.exe, and others.

You don't need to install the program, just run the internetchesskiller.exe file as administrator to start the program. You will see a window with several options and buttons, such as Start Scan Screen, Stop Scan Screen, Engine Param., Debug Window, Time Window, About Window, and others.

How to Use Internet Chess Killer 1.71

To use Internet Chess Killer 1.71, you need to have a computer chess engine installed on your system. A computer chess engine is a program that can calculate the best moves for a given position using algorithms and databases. There are many computer chess engines available online, such as Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini, Rybka, and others.

You also need to have an account on a chess server where you want to play online. There are many chess servers available online, such as,,,,

How to Choose a Computer Chess Engine

One of the most important features of Internet Chess Killer 1.71 is that it can work with any computer chess engine that supports the UCI protocol. The UCI protocol is a standard interface that allows communication between a chess program and a chess engine. You can choose any chess engine that you like and configure it to work with Internet Chess Killer 1.71.

Some of the most popular and powerful chess engines are Stockfish, Komodo, Houdini, Rybka, and others. Each chess engine has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as different levels of difficulty and playing styles. You can experiment with different chess engines and see which one suits you best.

To choose a chess engine, you need to download it from its official website or from a trusted source. You will get a file with an .exe extension, such as stockfish.exe, komodo.exe, houdini.exe, etc. You need to copy this file to the bin folder of Internet Chess Killer 1.71, where you will find other chess engines already installed.

How to Configure a Computer Chess Engine